Vision: Christians passionately dedicated to impacting our world with God’s love, one person at a time.

The Values that drive such a vision are the following:

1. Obedience to God and His Word.

We hold ourselves accountable to God’s Word as set forth in the Reformed tradition, i.e. we recognize that all of life is to be lived under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We honor Him by remaining faithful and fruitful in the work to which He has called us. We value high commitment to a Holy God. Thus, the worship we offer is not limited to an hour or two a week. All of life is to be lived in the honor and worship of Jesus Christ.

2. Love for those apart from God.

We believe that those apart from God matter to Him, and therefore they do matter at Crossroads. In everything we do, there is an underlying desire to bring the message of God to those apart from Him.

3. Life Growth Through Caring Communities.

We have compassion for all persons, recognizing that God can fix what is broken and repair what is damaged. This caring, mending, and restoring ministry takes place primarily within smaller caring communities. Life-change is desired for all ages, both within the church and in those apart from Jesus. This ministry begins at the earliest ages of life through instruction and teaching and continues through adulthood as we continue to develop as disciples of Christ. Critical to every Caring Community at Crossroads is reaching out to those not yet in our groups. We also value a servant’s life since wholeness develops as we help others. Every Caring Community is responsible to seek ways to serve others.

4. Every Person a Valuable Participant in Ministry.

We expect and encourage everyone to be involved in the ministry of the church of Jesus Christ, as God gifts and leads them. The role of the leadership is to equip and empower people to carry out the church’s ministry.