We Believe

  • Everyone needs to hear and know of God’s love and care for His world.
  • Communities and ministries exist as a means through which people experience His love and care.
  • Without a passion for others to hear and know Christ’s message we become inwardly focused.
  • The means through which God has gifted us to bring this message of His love and care is through caring communities and compassionate actions.
  • God has given the people of Crossroads a rich history of caring for each other and others.
  • The purpose God has given us these experiences of being cared for is to develop in us a deep sense of service.
  • God has blessed us with servants’ hearts so that His love and care can be expressed in concrete actions.
  • Our desire to live out Jesus’ greatest commandments – to love God and others and to make disciples – is fulfilled by developing caring communities and ministries that are filled with compassionate action.


christian-reformed-churchThe Christian Reformed Church is a denomination that has about 300,000 members in 1,000 congregations across the United States and Canada. Together we are involved in ministries throughout the world especially in the areas of Missions, Education and Social Justice.