Ron Vanderwell

My name is Ron, and I love to help churches.
The New Testament describes the church as a body: feet, ears, eyes are all intended to fulfill different aspects of the same purpose (see I Cor. 12). And I’ve seen God use all of these different experiences to help us “grow up in every way into Christ, who is our head” (Eph. 4).
Over 30 years of church leadership. I have experienced the satisfaction of seeing God’s people work together to accomplish something bigger than themselves. I’ve also felt the soul-deadening chill that comes when members of a local church end up working at cross-purposes to each other. As a 4th generation pastor, I’ve had the chances to see a lot of the best (and the worst) of life among the people of God.
I held staff positions in two different churches while in seminary and received a Master of Divinity degree from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids in 1990. Over the next decade I completed most of a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Seminary before leaving to plant a church in California.
Since ordination I have served as senior pastor in three churches: Southern Heights CRC in Kalamazoo, MI, The Gathering, a church plant in Sacramento, CA and New Life Church in New Lenox, IL.
While pastoring those churches I’ve worked directly with other congregations as a coach and consultant. One of those congregations was a congregation that I had the chance to help close down in order to start up again in the same building. For the past few years my primary role has been working as a transition specialist in our denomination, helping coach churches through leadership transitions.